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I am a son from a poor farmer family in a small village-Zuo Zhen where is located at South of Taiwan. I am an optimistic, positive, and active person. I was not interested in studying, but I was very talented in sports. When I was a student in elementary & junior high school, I won championships for every high jump and hundred-meter race. Due to my family economy is not good, I needed to help them with farm works.

The tough life made me to be strong and diligent, so I worked very hard without complaints. And when I graduated from junior high school, I decided to work directly to learn some skillsin order to improve my family’s poor economy instead of studying further, and gave up the chance to develop my sport talent. I learned many skills from 4 factories in half a year, and finally I found my favorite working field---mold industry!

A child who came from a poor village created his mold enterprise in Taiwan with his perseverance.

At that time, Taiwan began to industrialize, and many Japanese companies came to Taiwan to set up electrical processing zone in Kaohsiung. So there were large demands for mold repairing. This pushed the development of mold industry in Taiwan. I was working in a mold factory then, so I had a good chance to learn many mold professional knowledge. We bought old machines fromshipbreaking company in Kaohsiung, and repaired them to resell. My colleagues who grew up in cities didn’t like to repair molds because the old molds were oily and dirty. However, thanks to the past tough life, I was not afraid of hard works and very willing to learn and tackle challenges. I earned the recognition of my outstanding work performance from my boss and he also approved my mold making skills.

On 1981, the most popular industry in Taiwan was toy production. I decided to start my own business with my 5 years mold repairing and manufacturing experiences and develop mold industry. I raised capital to build a small company with only 5 employees. Depending on precise banchwork technique and good credit to customers, our business grew up day by day rapidly. From the 3rd year, we stared to work 24 hours, and in the 8th year, we followed the market trend and entered household appliance field. I built my own factory in 1989, and the staffs grew to 50 people.

During 1991, Taiwan traditional industry faced cost competition problem, many companies were forced to move to China for cheaper cost. This also caused investors transferred to China. After considering, I decided to set up factory in Shen Zhen, China in 1994. Since the business continue to grow, in order to meet customer requirements, I built 2nd(Richbase) and 3rd(Group Reach) factoriesin China. As for Taiwan company, it’s responsible for management and R&D, and we also changed all business from domestic sale to exportation.

Nowadays, IMS has exported and marketed our products all over the world, such as US, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Netherland, and Sweden..etc. Hope in the future, based on our insistence and effort, we could keep our competitiveness and sell our best products to more places.


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we emphasize on excellent technique