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Qian Feng Plastic and Hardware

Qian Feng Plastic and Hardware (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic mold, bakelite mold, die casting mold, forming injection, and their assembly. Our business line include the precision plastic injection mold and zinc-aluminum alloy die casting mold manufacturing, injection and assembly for home appliance, outdoor BBQ stove, auto parts and accessories, and sports items which packaging is also provided, and the quality and technique have achieved the international standard.

By means of advanced CAD/CAM/CAE etc. computer aided software equipment we may go along with the preparation of our customers for product development, further, we imported the mold flow analysis system, reversed engineering, and speedy molded, 3D measurement, etc. precision facility instrument which not only offer our customer high efficiency and precision technical service but also guarantee the best and stable quality. The advanced production technique will both upgrade the mold quality and shorten the production cycle of the mold to bring the cost down and extend the shelf life of the mold greatly.

Factory Facilities:
CNCElectric Discharge Machine (EDM)Precision Low-speed Electrical Discharge MachiningWire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)Milling MachineGrinding MachineLatheDrilling MachinePolishing Machine、Injection Machine (Testing Mold)Hydraulic ClamperMold Injection MachineRobotic ArmHot Air DryerMixerCrusherUltrasonic WeldingDehumidifying/ Drying MachinePlane Belt

Quality Inspection Equipment:
TESA Precision 3D Image Measuring CenterPrecision 2D Image Measuring CenterRockwell Scales Hardness TesterComputerized Tensile TesterProjectorThrust/Tensile TesterInfrared Moisture MeterStandard Multi-Light Color Assessment CabinetMulti-Function Tensile Tester

CAD/CAM : Autocad UGNX Solidworks
CAE: Moldex3D (Plastic mold flow analysis)
Cast Designer (Die casting analysis)


we emphasize on excellent technique