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We Emphasize on Excellent Technique

Heng Ta Mold

We are specialized in making the precision mold of home appliance, sports items, auto parts, electronic products and baby seat accessories, which high efficiency and precision technique are the specialty on the development operation. The excellent products have come through one after another quality control and inspection process incorporated with accurate assembly technique to assure the final quality.
Heng Ta has aimed to search for zero defective quality, which start from the delicate and tight clamping during the assembly to 3D dimension measurement and de-bugging, mold modification, effectuate inspection and strict check to make every link of the production to be precise and perfect.

​Quality Inspection Equipment:
(Brown&Sharpe TESA Precision 3D Image Measuring Center)
(Brown&Sharpe TESA Precision 2D Image Measuring Height Gage )
CAD AutoCAD、UG、Camatron、SoLid Works
CAM UG、Work NC、CAE Moldex 3D


we emphasize on excellent technique