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We Emphasize on Excellent Technique

R & D design

With professional development design team and project management team, we provide your best and unique design and product manufacturing services. IMS has many development design experience, can broaden into a comprehensive service that includes from concept to production famous brand cooperation, to provide you establish extensive and sincere cooperation.

Industrial Design

Market research analysis

Product creative design

Styling/appearance design

User page design

Human factors engineering/ practicability


Institutional design

System configuration design

Element design development

Product structure analysis

Design requirement integration

Content design quality

Product process development

Critical R&D

Graphic design

Color/sign design

Patent elements development

Packaging design

VI system design

Identification system

Product sells & advertising


Mold design

Iron/plastic mold trial/trial run review

New product process integration and evaluation

OEM project management& NPI (new productintroduction) MP(Mass production)

Customer sample service requirements

Production process planning

Process/quality issue analysis and improvement

we emphasize on excellent technique